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Sales Strategy Development

Accelerant Consultants helped us immensely improve our business development strategy and approach which translated directly to our bottom line.
— Founder of a technology security firm

Hiring sales people should not be confused with developing a sales strategy.  To optimize revenue generation, organizations need to determine who their target market truly is, identify the types of customers – by revenue size, industry, geographic location, etc. – that they desire to obtain, and determine the right model and level of investment needed to maximize their return.  

Accelerant Consultants will leverage our experience building sales and marketing organizations from the ground up, as well as redefining those teams already deployed, to help company leadership build a model that drives incremental revenue and organizational success.  Putting the right people with the right skills and relationships with the right focus to build your brand and drive revenue growth is key to the success of any organization. Accelerant will help create a model that works for you and helps your company thrive.  


Some components include:

  • Company and Sales Strategy Alignment - Ensuring clarity in the corporate strategy and creating a direct linkage between the corporate strategy and how the sales team can be used to drive incremental growth in a way that is consistent with the company’s mission
  • Client and Target Market Segmentation - Understanding who your market currently is versus what you would like it to be and segmenting and assigning customers and targets to your sales team in a way that provides you the best opportunity for success
  • Individual Account Manager Sales Planning – Accelerant will help your organization’s sales team think more strategically about their portfolio of clients, drive proactive behavior that will create leads and results and drive a more effective accountability model