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Sales Compensation Strategy & Alignment

Accelerant Consultants helped us develop a compensation strategy that was not overly complicated, but drove much better results around net new business, recurring revenue and profitibility. They also helped us roll out the plan in a way that was collaborative and transparent with the entire organization.
— Director of Sales

People behave in a way they are compensated to behave.  Period.  Often, sales organizations are subjected to commission structures that are not reflective of organizational priorities or organizational growth and a lack of incremental growth is exactly what they produce.  Other compensation plans are so complex and ambiguous, they make it difficult for the sales team to understand what they are paid on a given transaction and are difficult and time consuming for the organization to administer.   

Accelerant Consultants helps companies define corporate priorities and will work with organizations to develop sales compensation plans that drive those priorities in a way that is simple, creates a reasonable cost of sales, and drives incremental growth.  Your sales team will be aligned to your corporate growth goals and will exhibit those behaviors which are most valuable to your organization.  


Some components include:

  • Rewarding behavior that helps drive incremental sales and engages existing clients -  Accelerant Consultants will create an appropriate recognition and compensation model for existing account "care taking" versus true new account hunting and revenue generation to help you drive more new sales, while maximizing revenue from existing clients.
  • Alignment with organizational strategy - If your organization has not started the sales compensation discussion with an understanding of those areas of contribution that maximize organizational value, you are likely incentivizing the sales team in a way that is mis-aligned with what your company needs.  Accelerant Consultants will help you create incentive levers that truly drive value for you and your customers.
  • Development and communication plan for compensation changes - Dealing with compensation structures can be a dicey endeavor, which can lead to mistrust and animosity between the sales team and the organization and can lead to unwanted turn-over within the team.  Accelerant Consultants will help you develop a communication plan that will ensure transparency and trust within the sales team and maintain a level of motivation that is needed to drive growth.