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Accelerant Consultants created to help companies succeed


With the goal of leveraging over 25 years of sales and marketing leadership experience to help small and mid-sized businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, Accelerant Consultants was created in August of 2017.  "In talking with a number of small business owners and executive leaders, there was a consistent theme that ineffective sales and marketing teams were a barrier to growth." said Greg Stanley, founder of Accelerant Consultants.  "Building and leading sales and marketing teams is often not a core competency of entrepreneurs, and developing a sales strategy, understanding the market and equipping team members with the tools for success is essential to not only organizational growth, but long-term viability."  he continued.  Greg hopes to leave a legacy of helping many organizations drive incremental success in a way that drives job growth and creates additional financial opportunities for small business leaders.  

Greg Stanley