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Negotiation Training

Greg gave me better coaching, direction and leadership than anyone I’ve ever worked with. He helped me understand how to negotiate more effectively on every transaction and maximize profitibility.
— Sales representative for a staffing and consulting organization

In an effort to ‘win the deal’ and satisfy the customer, small businesses tend to be very accommodating when it comes to pricing.  The top line needs to grow and you’re willing to make sacrifices to margin to achieve revenue growth.  Your customers systematically negotiate with you, and if your organization doesn’t have the tools necessary to negotiate on equal footing with your customers, your profitability will suffer.  The difference between an acceptable margin and an optimal margin can be the difference in employee bonuses that helps your retention, investment in a new piece of equipment or a new location, or ability to implement an acquisition strategy, not to mention it certainly has a negative impact on your company’s valuation.  

Accelerant Consultants will use our experience to help you develop a culture of effective negotiation, being thoughtful about how you both win the deal and protect margins.  Your product or service has value and that value needs to be recognized by the market so that you can maximize profit to drive growth. Accelerant will help your team understand and implement proven strategies that will allow your company to collaborate with clients to form mutually beneficial solutions, as opposed to consistently taking a defensive position that will ultimately lead to lower profitability.  

Some components include:

  • Identification of opportunities for improvement - Accelerant Consultants will help evaluate specific transactions, behaviors of the sales team, and outcomes achieved when negotiating and find trends that are causing money to be "left on the table."
  • Development and delivery of a custom negotiation training - Whether you have a relatively inexperienced sales team, or seasoned professionals, your organization will benefit from tips and techniques that will drive greater profitability.
  • Deal-specific coaching - Accelerant Consultants can help you work through specific transactions and help you evaluate and leverage the value proposition, the competitive, political and financial considerations that drive buying decisions.  We will help you develop strategies that will minimize what you will have to give away through the course of a negotiation and incorporate learnings into sustainable behavior changes which, in aggregate, have a substantial impact for your company.