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Sales Organization Assessment, Alignment & Coaching

Greg has an incredible ability to identify sales and marketing talent, and enable that talent with the vision, tools, process and accountability that drives growth and success.
— Regional leader of a Global accounting & Consulting firm

The evolution of a sales team in smaller companies tends to start with the hiring of one sales person.  Once the market opportunity has grown to the point that additional opportunity justifies the need for more salespeople, more are hired until the number gets too large to be managed by the company owners or leaders.  Typically, a decision is made to make the best salesperson the sales manager, director or vice president.  This produces two potential outcomes.  First, the best salesperson is taken out of a revenue generating role, and revenues and customer relationships often suffer.  Additionally, the promoted salesperson generally has had no leadership experience and tends to be ill-equipped to drive market segmentation, sales strategy, sales team metric creation, compensation planning, or other functions that will limit the company’s ability to grow and capitalize on market opportunity.  

Accelerant Consultants will work with company executives and the less seasoned sales leader to help develop those skills that will benefit the organization longer-term and position both the employee, and the company, for success.  

Companies often hire salespeople with the expectation that they should be able to go into the market and generate opportunities and revenue with little guidance or direction.  The fact is that salespeople – especially those hired with little industry experience – need to be provided with the general framework of knowledge about the company and the products or services offered, the value proposition of those offerings, and a well-defined set of targets to pursue.  Once this basic framework is provided by the company, a much more effective assessment can be made of the capabilities of the individual team members and how they may, or may not, be the best people to drive success.  


Some components include:


  • Creating a structure and alignment that will increase effectiveness - Accelerant Consultants will advise you on a corporate structure that facilitates and enables sales success and profitable new client acquisition, focusing on the alignment of your sales team to those industries, markets and targets that will increase your growth trajectory  
  • Enhancing the capabilities and approach of your team - Coach individual team members, as well as the sales leader, in a way that is highly customized on skills development, market approach and large deal closure
  • Sales plan development - Help you arm the sales organization with individual territory plans and align them in a way that provides a disciplined approach to targeting, drives more individual accountability and creates a model for sustained growth.