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Integration of Sales & Marketing

Because of the sales strategy and disciplined process provided by Accelerant Consultants, we have seen a significant increase in ROI in our marketing investments.
— Client of Accelerant Consultants

Businesses often segregate the sales and marketing functions, making investment decisions about each independently so that neither is truly optimized.  Marketing and sales should be working hand in hand, aligned to the corporate growth strategy, with marketing enhancing the brand and generating demand in a way that enables leads to convert into opportunities and opportunities into revenue in a more efficient way.  

If your business is executing events, trade shows, or campaigns purely as a marketing function and not managing the investment as a program with the full integration of sales, you are minimizing your ROI.  If you are looking to maximize the power of your marketing investment in a way that directly translates into enhanced relationships and, ultimately, revenue, Accelerant Consultants can help you develop a plan that creates more effectiveness and revenue growth with a fully integrated demand generation and sales engines.

Whether you are a business owner trying to execute an exit strategy and maximize your return, a venture investor in a small to mid-sized company looking to enhance growth in your portfolio company, or an owner simply looking to take your business to the next level, Accelerant Consultants will help you put a sales and marketing model in place that will create sustainable growth.  


Some components include:

  • Assessment of organizational strategy and marketing spend - Accelerant Consultants will help ensure when you spend money for marketing, it is done with a highly strategic focus and specific goals for demand generation, with the goal of spending less and getting more from your marketing investment. 
  • Integrated campaign/event management - Many organizations fund and execute campaigns through marketing "hoping" there will be financial results produced.  Accelerant Consultants will help you build a process that addresses brand messaging, structured pre-campaign or event activities, post-campaign follow-up and results tracking.  Unless you are managing the entire continuum effectively, your marketing investments are likely going to waste.
  • Sales and marketing integration - Accelerant Consultants will help you assess your current marketing plan, or work with your marketing manager to develop one, to ensure marketing investments are consistent with your market segmentation, fully supported by sales and performed with a level of consistency and discipline to give you the best possible opportunity to achieve a return on your investment.