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Outsourced VP of Sales

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Outsourced VP of Sales

Accelerant Consultants helped us understand the discipline needed for good client management and large opportunity pursuit. Largely because of Accelerant Consultants’ guidance, we were able to secure the largest deal we’ve ever closed.
— Owner of a mid-sized technology firm

If your organization needs most, or all, of the services offered by Accelerant Consultants, we can provide an experienced sales executive who can help you put the right team and organizational structure in place to drive incremental sales and profitability.  This can generally be accomplished within 90-180 days without the long-term cost and commitment, or risk of a poor cultural fit that a full time hire may bring.  


Some components include:

  • An organizational assessment of your sales team, sales compensation structure, measurement metrics, marketing and sales integration and organizational sale support structure, along with a detailed, prioritized list of opportunities for improvement in areas which will have the greatest organizational impact
  • Team and sales director assessment and coaching to drive strategic alignment
  • Assistance with the development of an organizational sales strategy, sales planning process and compensation structure that will drive new client sales and sustainable, profitable growth