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Accelerating Business Growth

Accelerant Consultants was launched specifically to help small to mid-sized companies optimize their investments in sales and marketing and drive new sales growth and higher company valuations. The lifeblood of mid-sized companies lies in their ability to effectively build and manage those functions that directly contribute to organizational revenue. Lack of structure, an undisciplined approach, or a misaligned compensation plan, among other factors, can be the barriers that prevent companies with otherwise good business models from thriving. 


Areas of Practice

Sales strategy development

Hiring sales people should not be confused with developing a sales strategy.  Accelerant Consultants will help you create organizational focus and alignment that drives more new sales and growth within existing clients in a way that maximizes your company’s valuation.

& alignment

Your sales team will behave as it is paid to behave.  If your compensation plan does not achieve the goals of effectively servicing existing clients, creating incremental growth within existing clients and developing net new clients, Accelerant Consultants can help create the structure and communication plan that will drive more new sales and create greater accountability within your team.


Many organizations spend a significant amount of time and money on building their brand.  However, if not done in alignment with the sales strategy and integrated with the sales team, most of this investment will go to waste.  Accelerant Consultants will help maximize the effectiveness of this spend and help you achieve a substantially higher return on investment.  


The pace of acceleration of business growth is directly correlated to the clarity of strategic concept that drives it.
— Bryan Brenner


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