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Optimizing your investments in sales and marketing to drive incremental growth


Sales Consulting Benefits

Many small and medium sized business have achieved success through the creation of a great business idea and the sheer will of the ownership.  However, without thoughtful consideration and the appropriate organizational structure to support a sales culture, your growth will be limited.  Accelerant Consultants will help you manage the continuum from understanding who your market is, or needs to be, ensuring you have an effective sales team which is positioned to effectively attack that market, helping develop a compensation structure that drives new business and profitable growth and creating measurement metrics to enhance accountability and urgency within your team.  If your organization struggles to create a high level of sustained, profitable growth and new client acquisition, let Accelerant Consultants put a structure in place that will allow your business to thrive and for you to maximize its value.  


Areas of Practice

Sales Strategy Development

Hiring sales people should not be confused with developing a sales strategy.  Accelerant Consultants will help you create organizational focus and alignment that drives more new sales and growth within existing clients.

Integration of Sales & Marketing

Many organizations spend a significant amount of time and money on building their brand.  However, if not done in alignment with the sales strategy and integrated with the sales team, most of this investment will go to waste.  Accelerant Consultants will help maximize the effectiveness of this spend and help you achieve a substantially higher return on investment.  

Sales Compensation Strategy & Alignment

Your sales team will behave as it is paid to behave.  If your compensation plan does not achieve the goals of effectively servicing existing clients, creating incremental growth within existing clients and developing net new clients, Accelerant Consultants can help create the structure and communication plan that will drive more new sales and create greater accountability within your team. 

Sales Organization Assessment, Alignment & Coaching

An organization with a sales team with no direction on targeting, inconsistent approaches to communicating your value proposition, no developed territory plan and inexperienced sales leadership will ultimately fail.  Accelerant Consultants will help less experienced sales leaders develop the skills, frameworks and accountability metrics to get the most out of your sales team.

Outsourced VP of Sales

If your organization needs most, or all, of the services offered by Accelerant Consultants, we can provide an experienced sales executive who can help you put the right team and organizational structure in place to drive incremental sales and profitability.  This can generally be accomplished within 90-180 days without the long-term cost, commitment, and potential risk of a poor cultural fit that a full time hire may bring.  

Negotiation Training

Most organizations have sales teams that are service-oriented and accommodating of customer requests, even when it comes to pricing.  Accelerant Consultants will equip your sales team and your organization with the tools needed to maintain margins and accelerate profitable growth.


Case Study:
Compensation Strategy


The client had a very complex compensation structure for their sales representatives.  Not only was it difficult for the reps to understand what they would be paid on a given transaction, it was difficult to administrate and, most importantly, it was driving behavior that focused exclusively on new business at the expense of protecting and growing revenue with existing clients.

Accelerant Engagement

Accelerant assessed the current compensation structure, while soliciting the input from the leadership team and the reps on what activities made most sense to compensate, what was fair for both parties and what helped maintain a reasonable cost of sales for the organization.  We participated in driving the development of a corporate strategy, which helped ensure alignment between the corporate goals and activities of the sales team that would support those goals.


A redesigned commission structure was developed by Accelerant Consultants that drove new account development, as well as incremental growth within existing clients. A discounted commission structure was paid for recurring revenue streams, with a bonus structure for product type, deal structure and deal size that has resulted in increased opportunities within existing clients, an increase in multi-year contracts and solutions that create annuitized revenue and higher average deal size in the pipeline. 

client testimonial

"Accelerant helped us define our target market, took time to understand our growth plans and strategic focus and built a compensation plan that will drive more focus, more accountability and a better balance between 'hunting' and 'farming' within our company.  The guidance and experience of Accelerant Consultants was instrumental in helping us gain focus, while motivating our sales team to achieve ."